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First of all, there is a shaft somewhere around there that you can use to get around the doors. The answer to the riddle Cash's family photo has nothing to do with the doors. You can always come back to solve this and any riddle in the game. The shaft is on the other side of the room the room's split by a fence , but that glitches out too. I made a video of it: I just left it and came back later. Such an easy work around makes me feel pretty stupid, but I was trying to get all the riddles as I went, so there'd be a minimum of backtracking.

Still, I did enjoy falling out of the stage. Last edited by mcbestington ; 2 May, Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. In the northeast section of Decontamination is a security door. Hack it with the Cryptographic Sequencer once you get it to gain access to the office beyond. Climb up the ladder to score a Riddler Trophy. Right in the middle of the long east-west corridor of the Transfer Loop is an office. Snap a shot of the Penguin poster on the wall to solve this riddle. In the Holding Cells, snap a shot of the green question marks on the wall of the northeast cell to solve this riddle.

After you open the very bottom portion of the Secure Transit area beat the third Scarecrow sequence -- in Intensive Care , take the stairs up into the control room on the north side. Here you'll find the Intensive Treatment Secrets Map sitting on a desk. You can spot it eassier in Detective Mode. Pull this down with your Batclaw and grapple or glide to it for the trophy.

In Secure Transit, search the very bottom of the empty elevator shaft next to the crashed elevator for a vent. Crawl in here and turn to the south when you can. Follow the shaft back to find Dr. Crane's lair -- a small, hollowed-out area filled with notes and photos. Take a scan of the lair to solve a riddle. Hack the security door in the southeast area of the Cell Block Transfer with your Cryptographic Sequencer and head up the stairs. In the office, scan the photo of the family on the desk -- you'll need to zoom.

In Decontamination, look for a vent grate on the ground. Remove it and step down into the depression to find the Trophy. About halfway up or down, depending on where you enter from there is a vent in the wall. Climb up or down until you find a side path that points right at it.

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Use the Batclaw and enter for the trophy. Use the sequencer on an electric barrier near the north side of the room.

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Climb the ladder inside and the trophy is up there. Patient Pacification Chamber Gadget: Go up the stairs like you did in the beginning of the game and look for a vent on the left wall when you reach the top. Enter this room from the Intensive Treatment Lobby the doorway is blocked off until you defeat Ivy and go down the stairs and the trophy is right there.

Just blow up the wall to the right to get inside. Go to the northeast and enter the cemetery. Find the shack with the red light coming from it. Enter and the trophy is right there. Go toward the northeast corner of the map north from the previous trophy and it's right near the northernmost headstone. Find the little inlet area in the middle of the Mansion area and enter. Look for a ledge to grapple up to and up here, search behind the pillar. Grapple up to the main rooftop of the Mansion and go in east as far as you can. It's on the roof to the left of where the tower is, sitting in front of the middle of three pillars.

Grapple to the highest ledge of the Mansion clock tower and search on the west side. The trophy sits in front of the clock face. From the clock tower, go southwest to a low caved in sort of platform surrounded by the other rooftops. The trophy is in this "pit".

On the top of the northern guard tower in the northwest part of the area. Go to the south side of the area and there is a large cliff. There is a small platform sticking out and on it sits the trophy. In the courtyard just a little bit north of the entrance to Arkham Mansion there is a weak floor to blow up. The trophy is underneath. Grapple up to either of the two guard towers and follow the walkway inside.

Use the sequencer to lower the electric barrier and enter. The trophy is near the back wall inside here. Find the small guard house near the Warden's statue, in front of the Arkham Mansion entrance. Use the sequencer to get inside and find the trophy. On the first floor in the southern corner of the abandoned building located on the west side of the Arkham North map. Climb the east guard tower and glide from it to the north, staying to the right so you land on top of the large rock cliff.

Run toward the end and find this. On the roof of the western guard tower. On a ledge of the Intensive Treatment building, just above and to the right of its entrance. Southwest corner, next to the Intensive Treatment building. There you will find two caves. Grapple to the higher ledge and enter that cave. The trophy is right there. Enter the lower cave next to the Intensive Treatment building and take it all the way to a small room with a bunch of skull sitting on some debris.

To the right of this is a wall you can blow up. The trophy is there. Go to the northwest corner of the area and there is a guard tower attached to the wall, right near the abandoned building. The security box is on the other side of the electric barrier, but if you stand as close as you can, you should be able to target it without the range upgrade. Grapple up to the west guard tower. Face the west wall and you can see the trophy. Use the Line Launcher to get over there. Use the Ultra Batclaw, then take the trophy inside.

Enter the cave next to the Intensive Treatment building. Grapple up to the ledge with the chronicle and go right. Climb up this next ledge and then turn around immediately. Use your Ultra Batclaw on the wall here and the trophy is in there. On the southwestern corner of the Medical Facility building's roof.

To the west-southwest of the area is a dock on the water. On the dock is a hut. On the left side of the roof of this hut is the trophy. A little south from the Arkham West-Arkham North tunnel is a waterfall and a large pit. Drop down here and the trophy is there. On a small ledge above the doorway to the tunnel that goes from Arkham West to Arkham North.

About halfway through the tunnel the one that goes from Arkham East to West , there will be an opening on the north side you can grapple up to. Up here, the floor can be destroyed with gel. Drop down and find the trophy. Go to the Penitentiary building and stand in front of the door. Look to the right wall and use the Batclaw on the vent and go inside for the trophy.

Go to the Medical Facility building and find the inactive lift platform in front of it. Use the sequencer on the security box to raise the lift and the trophy is underneath. Climb to the balcony above the Penitentiary entrance and use the sequencer with a range upgrade to deactivate the electric barrier and enter the room.

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The trophy is right there on the floor. Enter the tunnel that goes from Arkham West to Arkham North and grapple to the platform above. Look for a vent on the wall to use your Batclaw on. Climb to the roof of the Medical Facility building and walk to the northeast part. Face north and you should see a distant ledge with the trophy. Use the Line Launcher to reach it.

Stand directly in front of the doorway leading to the tunnel that takes you from Arkham West to East. Once in front of the door, look up and find the weak ceiling. Use the Ultra Batclaw to gain entry for the trophy. Enter the tunnel that goes from Arkham West to North. Grapple to that above platform and face the north wall. Look for a weak wall for your Ultra Batclaw.

Grapple up to it after that. When entering from the roof, you'll eventually enter a vent. At the intersection of the vent, turn right and you'll come to a closed off area with the trophy. Go to the southeast corner on the lower floor and blow up the wall here to reveal the trophy. On top of the center structure where Dr. In the corridor that leads to the X-Ray room there is a vent on the left side. Grapple up to it and find the trophy inside. In the northwest corner of the room, in one of the vents.

On top of the room where Harley is holding the Commissioner.


Help With Riddler Challenges - Batman: Arkham Asylum Message Board for Xbox - GameFAQs

Get it before crashing through the glass. There is a vent in the northeast corner. Pry the cover off with the Batclaw or Ultra Batclaw, then grapple up and enter for the trophy. As soon as you enter, use the sequencer on the security box on your left to lower the barrier. Go up the stairs but before reaching the exit, look for the trophy on the little moveable shelf.

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Enter the main room and then turn right and find the vent cover. Pull it down and enter for the trophy. After you drop out of the vent, go forward and turn right. Look for a weak wall on your left to use the Ultra Batclaw. Use this to get into the room and find the trophy on the medical table. Go to the intersection and go left north. Only a few steps in, there is a vent on the right wall. Use the Batclaw and enter. In the north corridor leading to the exit go north a few steps from the previous trophy and look for a weak wall on the left.

Blow it up and take the trophy from within. Main Sewer Junction Location: From the entrance, go to the east wall and climb up the ledge. Walk through the hollow pillar.

[Hook up with the relatives before you're transferred out of here[Batman: Arkham Asylum]

Go west, jumping from walkway to walkway and then go around the corner of a pillar and the trophy is there. You'll come to a platform that is across from another that is occupied by two Joker Teeth. So on this platform you're standing on, look to the left wall for a fissure. Jump to it and shimmy around the left side and climb up into the doorway to find the trophy. Go up the first collapsed pillar and jump to the top of the aqueduct where the water is flowing.

Jump from there to a hollow pillar to the south and inside is the trophy. Climb up the second collapsed pillar and up here, look for another fissure in the wall. Shimmy around and then climb up some ledges to find the trophy. From the opening to the large tunnel, look to the southeast.

The trophy sits on a ledge next to a large open pipe. On the south side of the room, the water flows into a chasm. On the other side of the chasm is a circular shaped opening with the trophy. Use the Line Launcher. After escaping the cave, you'll come to a very open area at the cliffs. Glide all the way over to the first cliff.

On its lowest ledge, you can find the trophy. This is also on the cliffs after the actual Batcave. After you use the Line Launcher to reach and enter the cave, look for a spot to grapple up. Grapple up once to the first ledge and step outside. Look for a far away platform to the northeast. Glide over to it and grab the trophy. In the main part of the room where the water is flowing , look up at the ceiling for a weak wall. Use the Ultra Batclaw and then grapple up. Enter Croc's Lair from the southern exit of the Old Sewer and right from where you enter, look up for the weak wall.

After using the Ultra Batclaw, grapple up and find the trophy. Main Sewer Junction Gadget: Climb up until you reach the aqueduct which is now flowing with the green liquid, Titan. Jump to the south platform. Turn left here and use the Line Launcher to reach another platform where the trophy is. When you reach the top, the former exit is blocked by Ivy's plants. Turn right and use the Line Launcher to cross to the platform in the distance. The trophy is sitting right there. When you get to the very top of the room, using the Line Launcher and so on, walk to the east end of the top platform.

Spot a ledge just below here where the trophy is. Pressure Control Junction Gadget: After dispatching the two enemies, go left from the center and look for a weak wall on the right side. Use the Ultra Batclaw, then climb up. Use the Ultra Batclaw on the northwest wall and this one is in there. Mansion Entrance Hall Location: At the entrance there is an electric barrier in place at first , face the staircase and then go to the right of it.

Pull the vent cover off and take the trophy inside. At the north end is a statue. In its base is a vent. Pull it off and then grapple up inside and find this. Arkham Records Room Gadget: Go to the southwest corner and from the walkway, you can see a vent on the wall. Pull the cover off and take it to a secret room.

The trophy is on the table at the bottom. In the room with the two cells, you need to grapple up to a vent. The vent takes you to an walk area above the main room. If you go south up here and take a right, the trophy is in this alcove. Across from the southeast door is a vent on the west wall. Pull it off and grapple up here. After rescuing the hostages, climb out of the bottom floor to the main floor where the chandelier crashed.

On the south wall is a vent you need to pull off. The trophy is inside.

Batman: Arkham Asylum: Riddler Challenge Guide

Grapple up to the top balcony and open the unopened vent. Look inside for this. In the north room is a small office. East Wing Corridor Gadget: Enter and turn left. Look for the weak wall to use your Ultra Batclaw on and then enter. From the exit of the first room, go down an adjacent path to the restrooms. The trophy is in one of the stalls in the men's room. Main Cell Block Gadget: From the main room, go south and then look for a weak wall on your left. Blow it up and take the trophy on the other side.

Security Control Room Gadget: Go up the stairs above Clayface's cell and find the cell with the weak wall. Blow it up for the trophy. Take the north staircase to go above the entrance where there are two cells one inhabited by a strange inmate. The one on the left has an electric barrier so use the sequencer to get the trophy. The Green Mile Location: After the inmates have been let loose, face the west wall of this room. The trophy is in the third cell from the right. Main Cell Block Location: From the main room, go west to the room with lot of cells and some lunatics.

Search the third cell from the left on the south wall. After you rescue the guards from Harley, leave the room and turn right. Turn left after passing through the deactivated electric barrier and Batclaw the vent cover off the wall. Grapple up and follow this vent to the trophy. Go upstairs to the walkway above and go to the north wall. There are three weak walls. Blow up the left one and drop down into the cell for the trophy.

After the fight and scene, go into the control room and use the sequencer on the number five security box to open the cell by the same number. Enter it to take the trophy. Use the Explosive Gel on the back wall to escape. Enter the south room, grapple up to the platform above the guards, and blow up the wall here. Ultra Batclaw the far wall and then throw a Batarang to disable the Joker toxin. Line Launcher over here and enter the doorway. The trophy is out here. On the north side of the room, on the second floor, there are two grates that intersect in a cross shape.

Go under here to find the trophy. If you drop down to the base of the statue and search the wall behind it, you can blow it up with Explosive Gel. Climb inside the vent inside to reach a trophy. Climb the ledge and then the ladder in this room to an electric barrier. With a range upgrade, overload the security box and find the trophy inside. After turning the generator off and crossing the water, take the vent on the left. Follow the vent until you get to an intersection.

Turn right and it'll lead you to the trophy. Drop to the floor and go to the north end. Find a grate in the floor and enter. Take it to the center of the room and pop out. The trophy will be here. Go to the northeast corner at the bottom of the chamber. Drop into the sewage ditch and crouch underneath the drain to reach a trophy on the far side.

Go to the northwest corner and shimmy to the waterfall platform. Turn around and jump to the platform. Go down and face left. Look for the hanging catwalk and cut it down with a Batarang. Cross it to the other side, turn left, and jump to the platform for the trophy. Titan Production Facility Gadget: After getting the Line Launcher, stand at the exit doorway and look to the southeast. There is an open alcove. Aim the Line Launcher here to get over there and claim the trophy. From the center room, use the Line Launcher to cross the large ravine in the west.

On the other side is the trophy. Make your way from the waterfall ledge see previous trophy in this area for more details and jump to that ledge across from it. Find the catwalk again and cross it. As you near the end of the catwalk, have Detective Mode on to find this weak wall for your Ultra Batclaw. When it's down, grapple up from below or try to jump to it. After you're done with the very first two fights of the game, go up the ramp and turn left to enter the office. The first three Joker Teeth are in here. One is at the corner where the dead guard is. The other can be found after fighting two thugs; turn left from there to find it.

Processing Corridor after Patient Pacification Number: After you clear the Patient Pacification Chamber, you'll return to this room. Go right and when you turn the corner, you should find the three teeth. Deactivate the Joker Toxin first. The first one is in the office where that security box was that you had to hit with the Batarang. The other two can be found if you walk through the room going north. The first one is right near where you enter the room. The second one is near the door that the green arrows point you toward.

Transfer Loop after Titan Boss fight Number: Right near the reception desk where Commissioner Gordon encountered Batman in the opening scenes. Intensive Treatment Lobby Number: They're found around Boles' body on the south side of the room. Secure Transit after Botanical Gardens Number: When you enter and see the Scarecrow scene, turn right and you should see it in front of the staircase. In front of the Medical Facility building, right near where you fight a group of thugs. Abandoned Tunnel after shutting down the Titan pumps Number: On the bottom floor of the room near the floor grate on the south side.

After you save each doctor in one of the rooms, return to the corridor and there will be a Joker gift box that lets these little guys loose. You can get these as you're in the process of shutting off the Joker toxin or after. One each can be located in front of each of the first two security boxes that had to be disabled. Sanatorium after rescuing the doctors Number: Basically, follow the green arrows and that should take you to each set along the way.

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  4. In the north corridor leading to the Main Sewer Junction door. Main Sewer Junction Number: On the platform where the first collapsed pillar is. Climb to the top and all three can be found on your way to the exit. Croc's Lair after Killer Croc Gadget: