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  1. 'The Mysteries of Laura' canceled: See the Season 3 plot
  2. List of The Mysteries of Laura episodes - Wikipedia
  3. "We are all so grateful to you for your love," star Debra Messing wrote to fans.
  5. Laura Benanti Loves Dark Beer, Knows Where to Get Unbelievable Pho

For a large part of her life, Tony award—winner Laura Benanti maintained a vegan diet. Friday, March 27 Friday morning was the day after opening night of the Spring Spectacular, so I slept late — until about I usually try not to start the morning with bread, but it was so delicious. Around lunchtime, I opened the fridge and claimed some leftover chicken fried rice from my favorite local Thai place, Opai Thai.

'The Mysteries of Laura' canceled: See the Season 3 plot

Patrick had to fend for himself. It gets even greasier, somehow.

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The Beauty Tonic had nettle, roasted dandelion root, almond milk, pearl powder, butterscotch, vanilla, coconut oil, and raw honey, and was what I needed before heading to the theater and jumping on the elliptical in the fitness center before getting onstage. After the show, I just went home. That night, I ate the chocolates that someone had given me in honor of opening night. Saturday, March 28 I try to save my gluten for important things, like pizza. So, for breakfast, I had a piece of gluten-free toast and an apple.

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It tastes like regular bread! Not cooking is way more relaxing. After breakfast, I walked through Central Park — where it was snowing! When I got there, I was starving. I met up with my best friend Sarah Saltzberg at Jado Sushi , where I had miso soup and a shrimp tempura roll, with an incredible mayonnaise-plum sauce. Sunday, March 29 For breakfast, I had a green smoothie, with kale, rainbow chard, a green apple, a banana, celery, cucumber, lemon, and romaine. I throw all the ingredients into my Vitamix, and large-batch it. It makes me spin off the face of the Earth.

They have these garage doors, and in the summer time, they open them up and you can sit outside and have all-you-can-eat crabs in a bucket, which is my favorite thing in the world. We shared oysters and the calamari salad, and I got their fish tacos while Patrick had the seared tuna special. I also had a beer — a milk-stout. The Mysteries of Laura stars Debra Messing in the lead role of Detective Laura Diamond, a New York City homicide detective who balances her day job with off-duty hours as a single mother of two unruly sons. On May 8, , The Mysteries of Laura was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes, [1] which premiered on September 23, A sex scandal rocks the campaign of an influential congressman, Laura is then tasked with finding out the truth.

List of The Mysteries of Laura episodes - Wikipedia

However, when a curve ball is thrown their way, the 2nd precinct must explore the online gaming world to stop the perp. Religion becomes a factor when Laura and the detectives investigate the murder of a couple. Meanwhile Laura and Jake's search for a replacement nanny brings them face to face with someone familiar. A chef at a restaurant is murdered and dumped into a garbage chute.

Meanwhile, Laura meets someone new. Laura is forced to reunite with her ex-boyfriend Dr. Andrew Devlin as she investigates a murder in which he is involved. A club patron's death is linked to jewelry heists in the Diamond District so the detectives must halt a thievery ring in order to solve a murder. Meanwhile, Jake breaks divorced-parent protocols, leading Laura to reexamine her involvement with Tony.

A young filmmaker is murdered, and an inexperienced detective causes problems with the investigation as Laura and the team search for the killer. At the end of the episode, Jake tries to thwart a bodega robbery and gets shot.

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  • A recovered Jake returns to work, but finds his office has been overtaken by the obnoxious Captain Santiani Callie Thorne , who now refuses to leave. Laura and the team investigate the kidnapping of a young boy, whom they find was adopted illegally by his parents.

    Jake decides to take a demotion to Senior Detective in order to remain at the precinct. A reclusive technology genius is murdered in his apartment, despite the building being armed with a highly sophisticated security system. Laura and the team must weed out a number of suspects -- including the man's business partner, a female stalker, and his childhood friend -- to determine the real killer. Meanwhile, Laura worries about Jake when he shows signs of short-term memory loss. Laura gets a veiled tip from Dan Hauser, her former captain who is now in prison, regarding the whereabouts of two corpses related to a cold case.

    The tip seems to be on the up-and-up when the bodies are located, but soon after, Hauser and the suspected killer escape prison. Isabella Van Doren, wife of wealthy media mogul David Van Doren who owns the New York Ledger , is apparently killed when her vehicle is run off the road and into the river, but her body is not found. The husband advises the NYPD to look into enemies he has made through his newspaper, but Laura takes a different approach after learning Van Doren's first wife, Claire, died ten years ago in a kayaking accident and her body was also never found.

    Laura gets surprising support in following up on her hunch from Captain Santiani. A gym owner appears to have died from being locked in a sauna, but it is revealed that he was dead before that. The man's MS-stricken wife, who works for the city planners office, is initially a suspect, but she instead leads Laura and the team to a couple that is planning a bank robbery.

    Meanwhile, Billy's mother wants to meet his new girlfriend, so Billy tries to find a way to introduce her to Meredith without the rest of their colleagues knowing. Little does he know, their romance is the worst-kept secret in the precinct. When the founder and owner of the Belle Reve perfume company named Michael Dunham is murdered, numerous suspects emerge, including a former employee, the owner's high-powered attorney, and the owner's troubled son John.

    When John's blood-spattered lab coat and a pair of latex gloves are found in an air vent in the company's lab, he becomes the prime suspect.

    Soon after, however, John is spotted while under surveillance walking into the office just before it explodes. Jerry O'Connell as John Dunham. In the conclusion of the previous episode, John Dunham, amazingly alive, abducts Laura in her bedroom. He sets a pipe bomb timer for minutes, during which he says Laura must confess in a phone video recording that she planted evidence to frame him. Jake deduces that Laura is in trouble, and defies Santiani to work toward rescuing her.

    Meanwhile, Laura begins to gain John's trust, and gets him to reveal a secret from his past that points her toward a surprising new suspect.

    "We are all so grateful to you for your love," star Debra Messing wrote to fans.

    Laura investigates a men's rights organization entitled the Men's Renaissance Association after a jogger is pushed in front of a bus. The department sends some male officers to infiltrate the MRA meeting. Over the course of the investigation, Laura comes to realize she still loves Jake, and breaks the news to Tony. Captain Hauser is again temporarily released from prison to help the team when a young woman is murdered and another has gone missing, as the murder bears a resemblance to those committed by a serial killer he investigated many years ago.

    Meanwhile, Jake starts seeing prosecutor Jennifer Lambert, unaware that Laura has broken up with Tony. Enrico Colantoni as Dan Hauser.


    Carlos Hernandez, a Cuban working for the liberation of his country and normalizing relations with the USA, arrives in town to give a speech at the UN amid heavy protests and threats of an assassination. The threat appears real when Hernandez' trusted bodyguard is murdered. Laura and the team eventually uncover plans to kill Hernandez, but not for the reasons they originally thought. Elsewhere, Laura wants to tell Jake about breaking up with Tony, but backs off after realizing she really likes Jennifer. James Martinez as Carlos Hernandez.

    Upon tracing an unknown call to a closed store in the 82nd Precinct area, Laura and Meredith find the caller dead. Investigating his hotel room, they learn that he has a connection with Laura's half-sister, Lucy. Laura now must protect Lucy from becoming both a murder suspect, in the eyes of Detective Malcolm Harris of the 82nd Precinct, and a target of the actual murderer, thought to be a dangerous drug dealer named Jimmy Chun.

    Laura goes undercover to collar Chun, who threatens her life while being hauled away. At a press conference announcing Chun's arrest, a bullet rips through a window, killing Captain Santiani while Laura stands right next to her.

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    Laura Benanti Loves Dark Beer, Knows Where to Get Unbelievable Pho

    Laura and the team are convinced that Jimmy Chun ordered Santiani's murder, and that the bullet was intended for Laura. It was thought that a recently recaptured Jimmy Chun orchestrated the hit — that is, until Santiani's troubled ex-husband Vince Scott Cohen kidnaps their son.

    Further investigation reveals Vince was simply trying to protect his son from Eddie and Richie Enzo with whom he'd crossed paths. Meanwhile, the aftermath of Santiani's death causes Jake to take a "life is short" approach, and he makes plans to ask Jennifer to marry him. At the same time, Laura realizes how much she wants Jake back in her life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved May 8, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved November 9, Retrieved May 14, Fool Us' Adjusted Down". Archived from the original on September 20, Retrieved September 18, Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved September 25, Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved October 2, Archived from the original on October 18, Retrieved October 16, Archived from the original on October 25, Retrieved October 23, Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved October 30, Retrieved November 6, Retrieved November 20, Retrieved December 11, Retrieved January 9, Retrieved January 16,