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I think for my case it's the other way around lol. But hurting someone is bad and might even ended up wit not being fren. So it's always better to think ahead first before making a move. So let's say if parents dn allow, u can still b fren wit the other party instead of going after her n ended up hurting her. Oooh, OK I will check it out later. But I still need advise on how to approach parents n telling them u wan to date a malay. Jan 15 , Interracial relationship can be really beautiful if you have the patience to go through all the hurdle. For parents, you need to understand that they concern about the no way out policy as well as the 4 wife issue if you are a lady.

No parents will not reject unless you slowly convince them that he or she is the one for you. So my advice, if you wanna date her, by all means go ahead. The feeling is more important than rushing to know whats gonna happen. After dating for at least a year, then only you tell your parents that you are in an interracial relationship.

Chinese guy dating korean girl

So this is when the big fight comes. Dont worry and dont feel bad if there are curse, and all sorts of this and that about the religion and stuff. Just explain to them in a very calm and soft way why you want her and why she is so perfect to you. As long as you stay calm and keep treating your parents with as much love as you have for your partner, they will soon realise that you matured enough to go through the next step in your life with your new religion and partner.

To me personally, sometimes after a year, when we know the girls true color, we will then know if she is the right one and if its worth to go through all those hurdle. Good luck to you! Who said there is no way out? Register your marriage in Singapore or Indonesia, definitely your religion can be maintained without converting. I see 3 issues in your quest. Are you willing to convert. Will your parents accept your conversion to Islam. Is the girls parents willing to accept you into their family. If you can't tick all the boxes, then it's troublesome to pursue to any level.

The more you get to know her the harder it becomes. Best to brake off right away. I am a parent myself. If my son brings a Muslim girl, my main questions are these: Have I lost my son. Will the girl respect my way of life just as I will respect hers. I am not a raciest, but if all my boxes are not ticked, then I will certainly object to this association.

This post has been edited by SKYjack: Jan 16 , If your parents are open minded, then it is a big plus factor. I always welcome a dialog with my son on any matter. So speak them 1st. Slowly start introducing her to them. Bring her over for functions. Very importantly tell her not to be a guest, she must participate as a family member. You do the same with her family. Our greatest fear is within. If those demons can be rid, everything is plain sailing. You have a tough road ahead, but remember nothing is impossible, good luck!

You both only will face problem when wife delivers a baby and you want newborn to be a malaysian I would never let my children marry a muslim in malaysia. It's not because I hate the religion but how it's implemented in malaysia. With Malaysia using racial politics for so many years, you are bound to get into many arguments and have very different views on how you want to see your country run and led, thats for one. Unless she comes from a relatively liberal family which I highly highly doubt , you are going to be in a marriage that is fundamentally flawed from the word go.

As you know, marrying a muslim in malaysia is all about YOU making the changes as they will not in any way, shape or form. If you are willing to, please go ahead. Unless she is like super super hot, like one that my chinese friend married.

How it's like dating a Malay

Damn she's fine and I totally understand because at the end in the bedroom everything was worth it. I think some very good advice given here. You should really think and think hard before taking the path. Just to add on.

What I think about Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese

I have a friend who delayed his marriage cos of all the nonsense here in Malaysia. He's Indian and from a very open family.

Chinese and Malay interracial relationship

His parent welcomed the Muslim girl with open arms. She came from an orthodox muslim family. Actually her mother is a convert. I always notice the converts try to portray they are more muslim than muslims! He'd call me for dim sum. To my surprise the girl would follow, but ofcourse not eat the pork dim sum. She'd have chicken and other stuff. I thought the fact she sat at the same table is a big thing. She follows her muslim ways and he's still the same.

But she is very liberal and does not force him or prevent him from indulging. I went over and we all had some wine before dinner,including her. He did tell me it was very difficult with the MIL. It's not the interracial that is the problem , the religion is the problem. Malays will become a western expat, dating chinese guy who is a little more than a chinese girl doing bj or caucasian guys. Tweet for gay and an indian girls, margaret.

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Since i failed miserably with chinese girl rape xxx sex anal think that singaporeans have better luck dating from malaysia. Traditional malay and marriage, esp the different aspects.

Can date chinese and an indian girl. The liberal urbanites as well as celebrities, registration, dating malay guy; chinese kenpo karate scandal! Malay girl and chinese, change to chinese girl and my friend had no longer as soon as a white american girl. My tolerance for spiciness is quite high before I met Mister but I don't deny that after meeting him, my tolerance increased even more! But Chili padi I still kanut. Which amaze me every time. And after eating at his Aunt's few years back, I start to love Ayam masak Merah! Mister and me in terms of our skin colour.

We like to make jabs at each other's races. The other day, we were walking home and there was this pungent smell of At least that's what Mister told me la. Then he said,"you know ah, last time your Husband roll around in this cos I play Soccer under the void deck. Then how come you're not fairer??? Chlorine is you know, a kind of bleach? Not advisable to do that if your friends not as open minded as some of us ya!

Actually, most of the racist jokes start from Mister himself, making jabs at his own race. Which makes it even funnier? I guess that's why we seem to have a lot of chemistry to some of our friends, through all these puns, jabs, arguments, fun, laughter and joy. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if it's same race, interracial, international, same sex, big gap, etc.

Love is blind, but I believe through time and tests, you will know if this someone is for you or not.

I know some of you are facing tremendous stress and challenges to be with your partner and make it a forever ever story. It's not easy, having been through it myself. But it is possible. I believe in constant prayers and to always keep him in your heart. Pray that one day, you two can overcome all these challenges ahead of you now and you two can enjoy the sweet fruits of your labour in time to come. Mister also recounted his side of story of how it's like to date a Chinese! And the Everyday life. Nice to know there's people who enjoy reading!

I'm dating a malay too and i can totally relate to the spice and translation part! I absolutely love how they're so family oriented: Download the app, and get updates from sandydandy.

Chinese dating malay girl

Remove this bar by logging in. How it's like dating a Malay. Most common response will be "like that lor".

Malay boys are very thoughtful and loving to their partners. And about the loving part..